Technology and Love: How Romance Has changed in 2018

Finding love throughout the ages has changed dramatically. Among Egyptian pharaohs, it was a common and accepted practice to marry their siblings in order to keep bloodlines pure. It was the same with ancient Greeks, but for more economic reasons as they wanted to keep possessions, such as farmland, owned by the family. As the centuries have progressed, and scientists have discovered that there are diseases such as hemophilia are caused by inbreeding, marrying a relative has become something viewed as disgusting and is highly frowned upon.

Nowadays, people use the internet for everything, including relationships and dating. They can literally meet someone on the other side of the world and find out they have something in common and decide to get married. Or, they could find someone who lives on their own street that they had never met before because they work different hours, or they just would not have thought to talk to that person.

While the choices of partners can be somewhat overwhelming, it is far easier to sift through profiles and find people of similar interests, whereas with dating during the early days of the internet, and pre-internet, you had to talk to people set dates to find out if you wanted to date further. Today, you can check their profile, chat with them online for a bit to see if they might be someone you want to date and then you can meet in person from there. Whether you are looking for sex or someone to marry, you can find those people faster online.

However, there are some downsides to online dating these days. There are people who lie on their profiles about their weight, income, age or marital statuses, there are, literally, millions of people on dating sites, it is time-consuming and it might take a while to find someone you might want to meet and go on a date with.

While it seems that hook-up culture is extremely prevalent and nobody wants to get actually date and be in a long-term relationship nowadays, it is just that we are no longer limited by geography and a small pool of people. We live longer so we no longer have to marry and produce children when we come of age. People can be independent and single if they want to be, or they can be married, or in a relationship, or just casually seeing someone.

Dating has become less rigid and more straightforward and while there are negatives, such as having to deal with, and prevent, potential STIs and it can be harder to find a traditional relationship, you have the freedom to not be tied to one person, you can immediately see their likes and dislikes online, as well as who, and what, they are looking for right now. While it is a little more time consuming to sift through people, it is not as time-consuming as setting up a date with someone to find out their interests, likes and dislikes.

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