Top 5 Schools for Computer Scientist

The Stanford University

The computer science department of Stanford University was founded in 1965 then serving as the department of innovations, scientific discoveries and worldwide Impacts. The institution is widely known for its involvements in research areas such as; scientific computing and systems programming.

The department was then boosted by the donation of the six million us dollars gates building of computer science by bill gates.


Massachusetts institute of technology

A credited for making robots that are able to do professional dances and invention of electronic devices that are capable of harvesting energy from different body temperatures. The institution boosts of having the biggest computer science departments than any other department.

The university also has four major affiliate laboratories where faculty members carry out their research. The laboratories are: The laboratory for information and decision systems, Computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory, Electronics research laboratory and the Micro systems technology laboratories.

The California Institute of Technology

This is a renowned school of science and research center. Accredited for equipping its students with strong and grounding skills in the mathematical and algorithm of computing.

In the beginning of 2018, the university was ranked among the best universities in offering artificial intelligence programs such as the principles of computer science and Cognitive psychology and engineering which are ranked as the best artificial intelligence computer programs.


Harvard University

An institution well known for its pursuit and ground breaking works in a theoretical computer science and other sciences. Through the years Harvard University has developed to be the interface of economics and computer science, data management systems and machine learning.

The department of computer science in the university has connected with other departments, SEAS and the rest of the university to maintain the flow of research projects and spread of knowledge to all the whole institution. The university has also been ranked as the third best in the world.


University of California Berkeley

Being one of the world’s leading academic institutions, the university computer science department is accredited for having the largest and quality libraries and laboratories in the world.

It’s also renowned for its innovations in teaching and research. Some their research programs include: computer architecture, computer interactions, theory, security programming and numerical methods. This makes it the leading center of research.



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