Why Cloud Back-up Doesn’t Save Your Data

Why Cloud Back-up Doesn’t Save Your Data

The design of cloud storage isn’t meant for the replication of hard drives. Therefore, if you are thinking of backing up your data that may be hundreds of gigabytes of data and also preserve the structure of your file system, consider getting a dedicated online backup service. Cloud storage is only suitable when you don’t intend to back up and safeguard several folders and files.

Besides the file structure issue, most cloud storage providers rely on the synchronization feature to update backups on the cloud. However, this feature also acts as a drawback to creating a reliable and secure backup. By design, once a file is created or modified in the local machine, the sync feature updates these changes on the drive. It is a double edged sword!

You, therefore, lose your files whenever you delete them on your local machine. This is a bigger issue as all the backups you’d made in all the synched devices will be deleted. What this means is that the backup you make on the cloud storage is there for convenience purposes and not duplication purpose, especially when the backup update method is synching.

The other issue that could spell doom for any organization backing up data in the cloud is the termination of service. Discontinuation of service means that the cloud service provider has no contract with you to keep holding your data, and as a result, you lose access to them. It is, therefore, important to device a good exit strategy prior to your discontinuation of service if you are to safeguard your backup data.

The other issue that can hinder effective data backup/restore to, and fro the cloud storage is the nonexistent service-level agreements (SLAs). What this means is that the cloud service provider has no full control of the completeness of backup and restore operations. This, therefore, implies that the cloud storage provider cannot guarantee that the backup you make to the cloud is complete, nor can they guarantee that your backup will work during restoration.

Based on the issues discussed in this article among other issues, you can easily see why cloud back-up doesn’t save your data. Remember, cloud backup doesn’t always guarantee recovery of the backed up data in case the original copy is lost. However, all is not lost; there are several other avenues for backing up data besides the cloud storage that does a better job of guaranteeing backup data safety.

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